We are a company that has been operating in some sectors for a long time in Turkey, and the textile and bedding sector is one of them. We, as ReggoTex, are like group companies that act together with companies that we have cooperated with for many years. Our Reggo company is not a manufacturer, it works with many Turkish manufacturers and carries out all the orders it undertakes from the first stage to delivery and delivers their works without any problems.

As a Reggo supplier company, our customers’ demands are valuable to us and we work with the same determination and discipline in every job, regardless of the size of the work and from whom it comes from. This understanding of discipline continues with the same attitude towards the producers we work with. As if we are doing business for the first time, we evaluate every detail one by one, without being indifferent. If the subject is to do our job properly and with quality, our working principle is to try to do the best.

As a hotel textile supplier, we work with more than 12 Turkish manufacturers and have our products produced. Some of the manufacturers we work with are either our relatives, our brothers or the companies we have worked with for many years and established close friendships and relations. As a result, we stand behind all the work we do and do not hesitate to offer our customers a guarantee that can easily solve any problem.

we supply our customers bathrobes and towels, bed linen and sheets, duvet and pillow, blankets, mattresses and beds, pique sets. As we sell products to our customers, we can also submit complete solutions and deliver it to our customers in the best way possible.