visco mattresses

visco mattresses and their general features

Thanks to the liquid-proof surface, your mattress will always be as clean as the first day. The second biggest feature is that it has a wipeable or washable cover. The visco part of the bed, which takes the shape of the body while lying down, is about 5-9 cm, but less of it is not functional, and the excess causes you to sink into the bed. It is completely orthopedic and springless, it is not damaged by contact with water and does not cause any problems such as collapse, bending or shrinkage.
People using this product have noted a reduction in existing spine and joint problems. In addition, visco mattresses prevent problems that may occur in the future. Visco mattresses that are sensitive to the ambient temperature take extra shapes according to the temperature.
Thanks to its Actigard-enabled covers, it has anti-bacterial properties against conditions such as fungus formation and is completely hygienic.

Please note that all elements such as sponge density, spring system, dimensions and thickness of the mattress can be produced in line with customer requests.


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