mattress protectors

Mattress protectors and their general features

We can call undercoats a mattress protectors for short. It is laid on the bed without a sheet, and then the bed sheet is laid. It prevents the bearing from getting dirty over time. Basically, it is divided into Quilted and waterproof. Quilted underclothes are for standard use and have a cotton structure. Liquid-proof mattress protectors, on the other hand, do not let liquid into the mattress, as the name suggests.
Liquid-proof protectors (mattress protector waterproof) consist of 2 layers. The top layer consists of cotton (towel) and provides sleep comfort, prevents sweating and noise. The Bottom Layer is composed of liquid impermeable polyester. It traps the liquid in the upper layer. Liquid-proof undercoats covers can be used in single and double beds as well as baby beds.

Please note these mattress protectors can be produced with elastic on all sides or with elastic on all four corners. 


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