jacquard beach towels

Jacquard beach towels and their general features

The name of the jacquard fabric comes from the surname of the manufacturer “Jacquard”. Jacquard fabrics are fabrics obtained by weaving different mixed colors on the floor. The warp threads are lifted and colored threads are passed between them. This process is done automatically. In this way, even very complex motifs can be made. Yarns such as linen, cotton, wool can be used to obtain jacquard fabric.
The threads are passed upside down and thus the fabric is formed. Jacquard fabrics can also consist of blended components. You can see cotton, linen, polyester blend jacquard fabrics. If thick yarns are used in production, a dense fabric such as tapestry fabric can also be obtained.
Please note that all elements such as the patterns, colors, dimensions and thickness of jacquard beach towels can be produced according to customer requests. Desired logo and text can be embroidered.
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