hotel piques

Hotel piques and their general features

Piques are generally produced from human health-friendly fabrics called ranforce. One of the most preferred sleep textile products such as bed linen, blankets and quilts used in the bedroom is pique. One of the reasons why they are preferred so often is that they are thin. Since it is a thin fabric type, it does not weigh on you when you lie down, and thanks to its cotton structure, it provides air circulation and helps you to have a comfortable sleep without sweating. It is one of the best covers that can be preferred for a cool sleep, especially in summer. It also provides great convenience by not taking up much space while washing or putting it in the closet.

hotel piques are generally preferred in one color and mostly white is preferred. hotel piques are produced as checkered pattern or honeycomb pattern. This type of hotel pique is preferred in many areas such as boarding schools, hospitals, hotels, hostels, military wards in places with collective sleep patterns. These piques can be embroidered with logos and texts in desired sizes and weights.

Please note that all elements such as the pattern, colors, dimensions and thickness of the piques can be produced according to customer requests.


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