hooded bathrobes

hooded bathrobes and their general features

Terry fabrics have a fluffy and fluffy appearance, known for their soft texture. It is produced from 100% cotton and is extremely healthy with its natural content. It does not cause any irritation to the skin, especially when used in towels and hooded bathrobes that are in constant contact with the skin. With this feature, it is suitable for use in baby products.
It is generally produced as plain and plain color and appeals to all tastes with its various colors. Although it stands out for being used in areas where contact with water is high, thanks to its quick drying and high absorbency feature, it is possible to encounter terry cloths in many different areas.

Please note that all elements such as the patterns and 100% cotton or velvet, colors, dimensions and thickness of hooded bathrobes can be produced according to customer requests. Desired logo and text can be embroidered.


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