cotton satin bedding sets

Cotton satin bedding sets and their general features

This wonderfully soft cotton is also one of the ideal fabric types for sleeping with its soft, smooth and breathable structure. They also keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cotton satin is often confused with polyester satin, which is a shiny and smooth fabric. The difference is in their weaving. Cotton satin is made of 100% natural cotton and therefore has all the properties of cotton: It is breathable and moisture absorbent. Cotton satin bedding sets feel much softer and smoother than regular cotton bedding sets thanks to their satin weave. Moreover, the colors on cotton satin can stay vivid for a much longer time. 

Please note that all elements such as patterns, colors, sizes and thicknesses of cotton satin bedding sets can be produced in line with customer requests. These cotton satin bedding sets can be embroidered with logos and texts in desired sizes and weights.


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